Why the Cohort Skill Building Model can Bridge the Major Skill Gap in India? — Over 100 Million Youth Will become Employable and Create the Largest Middle Class in History

Shorjoe Bhattacharya
2 min readApr 25, 2022


India has a skill gap where 52% of Youth and Many more adults are unemployable

The Indian government has tried skill development programs for years, companies launched ed-tech modules to try to upskill people — but despite all the push, there is still a large chunk of the population that is not able to adapt and learn.

Highly focused accountable learning may be the answer?

The Marginalized Youth Needs a Chance to be Formally Good at Only 1 Thing — That sets them up for a Better Future

Imagine that I am a young 18-year-old kid, I have finished high school & I am unable to afford to go to even a decent college.

So, I want to quickly be a great welder as there is a big construction boom in my small town in South India. The jobs are paying well but I don’t know how to formally learn fast and break into the job. The construction company wants to bring outside experienced workers but I want in, as the money can change my future.

I am looking for a way to learn to weld fast and in a formal way rather than an informal way which will keep me on the outside forever.

Cohort Model will make the Fastest and Highest-Quality Welder Talent Factory

The Cohort Model should cost the kid looking to learn welding a significant amount of money — but it will set him up for life. There are 3 principles to the model:

Principle One: You’re not paying to weld. You’re paying to be held accountable to learn to weld

In a cohort program, the objective is to learn to weld as fast as possible — to do that the youth needs to pay so he feels accountable to learn fast.

Principle Two: Building a personal Colosseum of welding projects work, project by project

30 days of welding means 30 different opportunities to weld items together — The youth will be given a kit, but the youth must be creative in finding opportunities to build quick projects.

Principle Three: Creating a way to show welding projects through the power of the internet

A cohort program publishes work each day. Publishing a video of a welding project to other welders means an immediate feedback loop to improve more quickly.

Cohorts may be the skill development accelerator that India has always deserved.

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