Starship 2.0 was just announced … Transport Business Models are about to change forever

  • Being able to move point to point anywhere in the world in minutes
  • Be the first aerial transport that can move 1000 people
  • Move 800 tons — The highest aerial payload ever

Starship’s massive size and speed open up a whole world of possibilities

  1. Military Power Projection has Just changed -Large amounts of supplies can be moved to any point the world in mere hours rather than days
  2. NASA’s Return to the Moon is here — And its coming with bringing more people and goods than ever before
  3. Humanitarian crisis strategies have changed forever — massive quantities of goods can be brought from the most efficient factories in the world
  4. Crash the trip count to mars — Most importantly Starship 2.0 makes it possible to set up the first million-person Mars city in only 1000 trips

Looking ahead- Innovation in Rocket Tech will finally start accelerating

We all thought after Apollo — Space travel would be the norm — but boy was we wrong.

  • It can bring down the launch cost to $2 M compared to the $62 M that it costs today to launch the smaller Falcon 9.
  • It can also bring down the cost per raptor engine from $1 M all the way to $200 K a 5X reduction — 2.0 will need 100 engines meaning it is a massive cost element



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Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Tech History Nerd |Unpacks Transformative Tech Trends| Global-View 6+ years in Tech & Logistics in US/India/China