Starship 2.0 was just announced … Transport Business Models are about to change forever

Shorjoe Bhattacharya
2 min readMay 9, 2022


The transport business has not changed in decades.

Airplane efficiency has remained the same for the last half-century. Ships started carrying goods instead of people. Trains got cornered to the Eastern World.

Starship can change all that with:

  • Being able to move point to point anywhere in the world in minutes
  • Be the first aerial transport that can move 1000 people
  • Move 800 tons — The highest aerial payload ever

Such gains in efficiency mean it becomes the logical choice for most air cargo movements, rapid air transport, and even evacuation scenarios.

Starship’s massive size and speed open up a whole world of possibilities

  1. Military Power Projection has Just changed -Large amounts of supplies can be moved to any point the world in mere hours rather than days
  2. NASA’s Return to the Moon is here — And its coming with bringing more people and goods than ever before
  3. Humanitarian crisis strategies have changed forever — massive quantities of goods can be brought from the most efficient factories in the world
  4. Crash the trip count to mars — Most importantly Starship 2.0 makes it possible to set up the first million-person Mars city in only 1000 trips

Looking ahead- Innovation in Rocket Tech will finally start accelerating

We all thought after Apollo — Space travel would be the norm — but boy was we wrong.

Starship’s ability to deflate costs is what makes it so disruptive.

  • It can bring down the launch cost to $2 M compared to the $62 M that it costs today to launch the smaller Falcon 9.
  • It can also bring down the cost per raptor engine from $1 M all the way to $200 K a 5X reduction — 2.0 will need 100 engines meaning it is a massive cost element

The moment tech becomes price deflationary innovation accelerates as the cost of testing drastically falls.

Get ready for the Space Age to really start!

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