Satellites will dominate the Future of Economic Power Projection … Here Comes A Cash Generating Monster — Space Business Model

A LeapFrog for the 3rd World — Finally getting their Chance

Today 35% of the world has no internet access. Approximately 3 Billion people.

Disruption of Telecom and Fiber Industry — No one can block the internet anymore

4 Million Cell Phone Towers and tens of thousands of fiber cables fill the world to run the modern-day internet connections.

Rockets + Sattelites makes a Deadly Combination

SpaceX is the only company that can crash its launch cost and increases its market share and revenue.



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Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Tech History Nerd |Unpacks Transformative Tech Trends| Global-View 6+ years in Tech & Logistics in US/India/China