Satellites will dominate the Future of Economic Power Projection … Here Comes A Cash Generating Monster — Space Business Model

Shorjoe Bhattacharya
2 min readMay 7, 2022


Mega constellations in the sky are like a fleet of ships on the ocean

Starlink is going to become the world’s largest constellation

A web of machines that never lets anyone get lost, disconnect, or be blocked easily. Each person remains an “in-disconnectable” node. Today there are 3,300 active satellites. Starlink is going to put up 42,000

This is going to have some major implications:

A LeapFrog for the 3rd World — Finally getting their Chance

Today 35% of the world has no internet access. Approximately 3 Billion people.

Imagine coming online in an era where the world’s best learning technology, tools, and engagement platforms are already in place. The 3rd world avoids the growing pains of learning friction-heavy tech and legacy knowledge that clouds your mind.

New users adopt without baggage and can communicate with their entire nation instantly.

Disruption of Telecom and Fiber Industry — No one can block the internet anymore

4 Million Cell Phone Towers and tens of thousands of fiber cables fill the world to run the modern-day internet connections.

This system gives parties the ability to turn the internet and turn the internet off. Used regularly during wartime.

During wartime — communication becomes the most important way to fight against mighty militias

Rockets + Sattelites makes a Deadly Combination

SpaceX is the only company that can crash its launch cost and increases its market share and revenue.

Rocket launch costs are falling like a waterfall and Starlink is taking market share at the speed of light. Imagine the economies of scale and pricing power available when one organization does both.

Total domination of the market at cash-generating monster efficiency.

The most disruptive satellite business model is just getting started!

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