Not 100% Home Automation … But Mind Space as a Service

Shorjoe Bhattacharya
2 min readAug 11, 2022


Mind Space is quickly becoming our most scarce resource.

As we become more occupied in our lives — decisions are getting more challenging.

We already have to choose from

  • Food to eat
  • Content to consume
  • A great variety of clothes
  • And people to stay in touch.

All of this reduces our mind space as it forces us to make too many decisions and it increases the cost of each decision because we continue to think about whether we made the right one. With growing complexity, it is important to find ways to clear our mind space so we are making fewer decisions in our day-to-day — and the right choice is easily decided for us.

Home Automation Companies Should Focus on — Generating Mind Space not Automating Appliances

If mind space is the objective — home automation should be about making fewer decisions.

Smart home firms should be all about making our lives easier… not harder … where we have to set AC timers, monitor consumption, test motion sensors, and handle broken curtains. Solutions should be built around reducing decision time with answers such as -

1. Spending less time selecting what to wear each day — our calendar of meetings should be synced with our wardrobe which should be synced with our washing machine and dry cleaning service

2. Reducing time spent stressing over whether we are taking the right items each time we go to work, a meeting, the gym, to meet someone, or travel.

3. Saving time when it comes to deciding what to eat — the diet should integrate with the calendar & occasion and order the ready food or raw materials.

Things like this set us up to have massive increases in mind space where we would otherwise end up spending time deciding on the food to order and then waiting hour for the food. Or constantly worrying if we have everything before going out.

Clearing mind space will make creativity come alive as we reduce our time thinking tactical thoughts. As we progress to a world where creative thought is valued above all else — creating mind space will be one of the few ways to survive in a world where automation thrives at every turn.

Mind Space as a Service should be the product.

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