Never get married to your idea … or maybe you Do 💡

Shorjoe Bhattacharya
2 min readSep 2, 2022


Love is a dangerous thing…

Not from the perspective of a man loving a woman.

But more so from the perspective of an idea. In fact, it’s better to fall in love with a partner, with a pet, with nature, or with any extremity. Just avoid an affair with ideas.


Falling in love with an idea is a double-edged sword because your obsession with an idea gets you to succeed and your obsession with an idea gets you to fail.

Falling in love lets you double down and focus on the breakthrough customer, it also prevents you from pivoting out to a business stream that is better long term.

The Key…

There are no easy answers to this paradox because it is the right obsession that leads to success. Because any good idea always has a period where the going gets tough.

Successfully executing your idea may kill you Therefore you have to be able find the middle ground that takes you close to the edge rather than off the cliff in an attempt to make the idea real.

The Journey…

During the journey of falling in love with an idea, there will be many moments where the world validates the thought … it’s so easy these days. One search and an opinion validating the move is found in some dark corner of the internet … making extreme love of an idea even more dangerous today.

Balance & Disagreement…

So, the trick to test your idea is by having a set of people who will push back on your ideas with reason and say no. It will create some negative energy. But so be it.

These periods of pushback lead to the most significant pivots of ideas which make them even more lethal as the best parts start to shine.

But, falling in love with an idea is the only way to push it down a naysayer’s throat who pushes back on it — but that push shapes the idea that allows a pivot.

So, maybe the only option is to fall in love … but always push those onto people who disagree with you.

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