Mr. Musk’s Acquisition of Twitter is a King of Kings Play in Category Creation. Here are 5 ways Twitter can be Weaponized:

1. Categories that Attract each other vs those that Repel each Other

Twitter is a whirlwind of changing niches backed by bio updates.

2. Viewing Everyone’s Goals on One Screen

Big Accounts see their goals go on steroids.

3. Foresight on the most effective Idea + Execution Plays with Data

Twitter is full of conceptualization to success posts -

  1. Someone posts a new idea that will be tested
  2. They write a post with data giving the results of success

4. Talent Finding Master — A look at rising Twitter Talent before they grow

Many Twitter creators with small audiences are way ahead of their time.

5. Defending Tesla and SpaceX

Giga Shanghai and SpaceX are dependent on China and NASA.



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Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Tech History Nerd |Unpacks Transformative Tech Trends| Global-View 6+ years in Tech & Logistics in US/India/China