Move over Google Search — A visual Search Engine may eat your lunch

As visual search and the creator economy grows the way we search for information may change drastically.

Pinterest is well-positioned to be the future defacto search engine for creators as it leads with visual rather than textual.

Today Pinterest already has already evolved into one of the world’s largest search engines processing 5 billion searches a month.

What bodes well for Pinterest is its ability to catch trends. They publish their annual trend prediction report which continues to improve in accuracy.

They have learned to predict trends because Pinterest search serves on the intent that users don’t want an exact answer, users only want to be pointed in the right direction so they can explore what else can be incorporated into their projects.

This need to be pointed has created a natural fit for Pinterest as a real-time trend tracker in both keyword and visual analysis as the platform.

This happens becuase they continue to get multiple sets of information through idea pins and guided search — which really is information that user’s might use and that can be used to predict trends.

Compared to google which is based direct searches by giving fast and exact information , Pinterest is able to categorize lists in unique way.

So, Pinterest search play’s on the niche for people who search for inspiration. This is good for creators who often use trends to position their content. The Creator economy is positioned to grow to 900 million by 2026 meaning this heeds well for Pinterest.

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