In 1993 the World Wide Web was born — Even after 29 years most people don’t know how to create on the Internet

The attention of people is the new currency.

Information overload has surpassed information scarcity. This is a world where the creation of any work has to be re-thought, re-designed, and re-done to find its way into the hearts of the audience to be relevant otherwise it dies a quick death.

The transition of information flow has changed the game of creation.

Our story of creating on the internet began with a few simple goals

  • Design visuals and work for the world to appreciate
  • Write works for the world to see
  • Create more quickly using tools

These goals were fulfilled, and a few large creators weaponized the frameworks to operate on the internet to create massive amounts of content which created a world of information overload.

1% of the internet population is part of the creator economy.

Legacy Frameworks of Creation are Unable to Buy Attention

Most existing creators write long-form essays, spend a year making a movie, and spend 6 months on a painting. These timelines are normal because education teaches us this is the way things are done.

Speed and quantity get ignored and iterative development doesn’t matter in this system. In a world of information overload, this framework doesn’t let the work shine and this disappoints the creator.

The purpose of creation is often to share it with the world.

New Frameworks of Creation Can be Used to Buy Attention

Video, Podcasts, Writing, and Visual Essays all need to follow the framework of creation, and only then can the work be used to purchase attention.

Every creator needs to see through the lens of “frameworking for the internet” to have purchasing power for a new world.

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