If you want to be a creator of anything — remember that Ideas can come to you … YOU will never be able to go to ideas

Shorjoe Bhattacharya
2 min readAug 18, 2022


People’s thinking evolves once they start thinking through many ideas.

People often talk about ideation — They say they want new ideas to work on all the time. But one fundamental truth is — ideas are not something that you can go to and execute when the thought comes.

• You have to create a system so they come to you all the time.

• You have to create a system so they are recorded in their original form almost instantly

• You have to create a system so they can be tested through a series of feedback loops.

One of the reasons recurring success happens to individuals is because they have this system where they generate, store, and test instantly. And this creates a runway of ideas.

I’ve got an Idea

The famous statement “I’ve got an idea” is something we have heard all the time.

There is so much excitement in the individual’s voice and the listeners think “oh wow what is it this time.” The words come out in a hurry and it often feels like the individual is so excited that they are throwing up on a wall.

Often the ability to give feedback gets missed out because everything about the idea comes out in one go — when the idea should actually be revealed slowly stage by stage.

How to tell an Idea in Parts…

When the idea is revealed in stages it actually spurs more ideas because the audience is able to really understand what is being said meaning they can give instant feedback.

The audience becomes reflective rather than reflexive so they can respond rather than say something like “ohh that’s interesting” and nothing else.

So, to get the audience to reflect, you must go through a series of steps that enables that idea to come to its correct shape and form.

Picking up Stride…

By following this cycle of managing ideas you will eventually hit an inflection point — where the ideas coming to you will become a tidal wave.

This will make your thinking evolve and soon you will have more ideas than ever. This can create confusion because one must weigh so many options. But it is always better to have options that can be tested rather than looking for the perfect idea. Going through the exercise of weighing options means tremendous clarity will form in making the right moves.

So, when you wake up thinking about how you can become more creative or original — remember the ideas must come to you rather than go to the ideas.


If you go to an idea it was never yours….if the idea comes to you perhaps it was yours…

There is never “an” idea….what exists are idea intersections along highways and some exits you have to take

If you go to an idea seek a match to get a spark….one spark lights another and you have a lighted road

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