Camera is the New Sensor

  • When we had to watch through hours of footage to find where someone went
  • When we couldn’t even measure the duration of each step
  • When we needed fire sensors in all buildings

The Camera is Turning into the Eagle Eye — Every Detail is Being Processed

Technology is deflationary to prices and cameras are no exception. We are seeing a new layer of business models — where the one who controls the camera is in the best position to run operations.

  • A high-demand item is about to run out of stock & a customer who wants to buy it has entered
  • How much time each customer is spending at the checkout counter
  • How many people are entering and exiting the store each minute
  • The fastest truck unloading time and method of unloading

Now the Camera Partner who Controls the Analytics can Run _____ Operations as a Service

There is a fundamental shift happening in organizations:

  1. Camera Partners who process and compute data are becoming more important than ever to operations
  2. The Security functions that place the cameras in optimal locations are key partners to operations if they want to drive efficiency
  3. Camera partners will have the chance to create business adjacencies with sector-specific video analytics



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Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Shorjoe Bhattacharya

Tech History Nerd |Unpacks Transformative Tech Trends| Global-View 6+ years in Tech & Logistics in US/India/China