Are Social Media Giants actually Defence Companies in Disguise? — Digital Air Cover is a real thing now!

Shorjoe Bhattacharya
2 min readApr 29, 2022


A Digital Air Cover has engulfed Ukraine.

Every square inch of the nation is visible through a network of devices powered by Starlink which makes connectivity possible at all times. Help can come at any time.

The first war during the era of the mature live stream and a 20-year-old creator economy has shrunk the cycle of aid lag time to ZERO.

This has meant the following:

Digital Air Cover is Playing Field Leveler

They say “Amateurs talk strategy Professionals talk logistics”

Digital Air Cover is the way to accelerate logistics like no other. Suddenly the whole world knows where the biggest food, water, and weapons shortages are. Mobilization of goods happens at light speed powered by sophisticated optimization algorithms.

Ukraine is surviving due to the Logistics that are being powered by this new air cover.

Social Media Companies have can Mobilize Supply Lines like No One Else

Power is NOT projected through Big Ships and Air Craft but a strong supply line.

It’s now possible for social media companies to track and even predict where supply lines are weakest. Mobile content combined with Satellite data means social media companies can mobilize supply lines faster than most defense companies or militaries.

If a set of soliders is marching towards a city centre — just the social media feed can notify the resistance to stockpile arms. Combine the visibility with an instant delivery optimization algorithm and the resistance will be more well stocked then even professional armys.

Suddenly Social Media companies have become the primary brain to find weak points that need to be bolstered.

Not Crowd Strike, Not Lockheed Martin — Social Media Orgs have just become Defense Giants through their Computational Brains!

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