🚀 3 Billion People Will Get Access to the Internet Soon … And it’s not due to A Large Telecom Company Spending Billions

For the first time in history rocket boosters are being readied to re-launch in the same amount of time it takes for some fruits to ripen

SpaceX recently completed a cycle where they turned around booster B1062 in Just 21 days and 6 hours. Readying it to take 53 Starlink satellites and smashing the Falcon 9’s prior record of 27 days — a reduction of an extraordinary 25% in only 15 months.

Why is this event relevant?

The Most Wasteful Sector has Finally Embraced the Circular Economy

The Rocket Industry shied far away from the Circular Economy for decades — believing virgin was the way to go. 21 days means the Circular Economy is right in the thick of things and will only grow in the sector.

Crashing the Cost like no Other

According to Elon Musk, a booster makes up 60% of the cost of the rocket so re-using the booster means a saving of about ~$45 million. The booster can be readied again by spending $2 million.

So, the faster turnaround of boosters means the number of boosters needed to meet the demand for satellite launches continues to fall.

Despite the Growth of the Internet — 35% of the population doesn’t have access

The Satellite market is already growing at a blistering pace of ~20% and the crashing of costs means the demand to put em’ up will only grow.

The electronics & chip revolution has crushed sat sizes all the way down to 600 Kg. This means even more Sats are being packed into a rocket. About 11,500 Satellites are expected to go up each year by 2030, but with launch rates going down at such deflationary rates it looks like growth will be even more exponential.

Starlink can connect 3 billion folks to the Internet — making it the world’s largest telecom provider — all powered by super fast Booster Turnaround!



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